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Why everyone needs annual eye exams

Dr. Uma Ratnasingam encourages you to have your eyes examined every year. Your eyes are an important aspect of your overall health. Many people set up annual physicals for themselves and their children but forget to book annual eye exams.

Your eye examinations are a necessary part of your health care and will not only assist in identifying changes to your vision but also look at your overall eye health and signs of other diseases. Whether you are concerned with your own health or the health of your children, annual eye exams should play a role in your routine health care.

Children’s eye exams

There are a number of vision issues that can be spotted as your child’s vision is developing from birth to age 12. During this period your child’s focus and eye function will continue to develop. Each year your eye doctor will check for a number of issues such as lazy eye. Lazy eye must be caught as early as possible in order for your eye doctor to provide corrective treatment. Lazy eye occurs when one eye is better at focusing than the other. As a result the brain will stop the other eye from working and train the stronger eye to compensate. The longer this is allowed to occur the weaker the lazy eye becomes. If caught soon enough your eye doctor can provide treatment which will train the lazy eye to work properly so that permanent damage does not occur. It is important to look for signs of issues with your baby’s eyes such as a crossed or turned in eye. This can be a sign of lazy eye as well as lead to depth perception issues. Your eye doctor will then do annual checkups for issues with near or farsightedness and astigmatism and will provide corrective lenses if required.

Adult eye exams

For yourself, your eye doctor will check for changes to your vision and update or provide a new prescription for corrective lenses.

They will also check for:

  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Cataracts
  • Macular degeneration

As well, an eye exam will provide insight into health conditions including the onset of diabetes and even high blood pressure which will show changes to the blood vessels in the eyes.

Your vision is one of your most cherished gifts and should never be taken for granted. When you are seeking eye care for your family Dr. Uma Ratnasingam offers complete eye care services using state of the art equipment to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of your eye and vision disorders. They also have a complete

Contact Lens Dispensary and provide fitting assessments. They are always happy to welcome new patients at their Burlington clinic located at Burlington Mall.

You can also call them at 905-632-1550 to set up an appointment or visit for more information.